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District Newsletter #9                                             October 21, 2018

Start with Why

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Have you asked someone to come to your Rotary meeting?  International Director-Elect Stephanie Urchick tells a story about when she was asked by a friend to attend a Rotary meeting.  Always one to say yes to new experiences, Stephanie replied to her friend, “Sure.  What’s Rotary?”
Seems like an easy question for those of us who have been members for a while.  
Let’s see….  
  • There’s fellowship.  Rotary provides an opportunity to meet some great people.  
  • There’s service.  Rotary’s motto is Service Above Self.  
  • Maybe we’d even mention the foundation or highway cleanup.  
Did we really get to the heart of Rotary?
Since July 1st, I have had the pleasure of visiting clubs throughout District 7330 and meeting many of the more than 1,000 Rotarians who make up our district. Indeed, it has been a pleasure. Together, our district Rotarians are accomplishing great things.  
  • Community improvement,
  • youth programs,
  • coat drives,
  • boot collections,
  • food pantries,
  • flag displays,
  • adaptive bicycles,
  • student scholarships,
  • solar suitcases,
  • house painting,
  • end polio drives,
  • and so much more.  
Like most of you, I can rattle off a long list of what Rotarians do.  
When asked, What’s Rotary? Maybe we need to take Simon Sinek’s advice and start with Why Rotary?

"People don't buy what you do.

They buy why you do it."

Why do so many of us spend so many volunteer hours doing so many things that benefit other people?  
During my club visits, I have asked district Rotarians to share their Rotary stories.  
Each of us can tell others what Rotarians do, but if we really want to inspire others to join us, we need to share the why.  
Have you had your eureka Rotary moment?  Your epiphany?  You know... when the lightbulb turns on?  
  • Sometimes it comes after a rainy weekend spent selling fish sandwiches or potato soup.  
  • Sometimes it comes as a small, sweaty group stands by the highway checking each other for ticks after picking up trash.  
  • Or maybe it hit when the children were so excited to receive dictionaries. 

Do you know to what I am referring? 

At some point, we realize that while we’re doing things to help other people, the one who is benefitting the most is each one of us.  We don’t start out with a what’s in it for me mentality, but funny how the lens shifts. A wise man I once knew, Charles Keller, told me, “Rotary needs givers.  The takers will come and go, but the givers will stay and strengthen our clubs.”   
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So this week, I ask each of you to start with Why Rotary? 

Share your why and you will inspire other givers to want to be a part of an organization that provides opportunities to help others and to grow as a person.  I honestly believe that if Rotarians would focus on the why, many more would decide that this is an organization they need in their lives.  A number of past district governors have told me that visiting clubs was the best part of the job.  I agree. 
The good people and the good works are truly inspiring!  

When you share your Rotary story, start with why.


Need to Know Info

  • November 10: Foundation Celebration, Caribbean themed evening to be benefit The Rotary Foundation.  Make your reservations and start planning your outfit--let’s put some fun in fundraising!  Basket auction items, live auction items, and program ads still needed. Magician and Rotarian Bill Gormont will amaze and inspire us.
  • Special thanks to District Trainer Pam Moore for her leadership in planning One Rotary Summit held on October 20th, a training session covering the interrelatedness of membership, public image, and the foundation.
  • Over 80 Interactors gathered on September 20th, to learn more about Rotary and themselves. Thank you to District Interact Chair Mark Barnhart, who organized and led this enthusiastic gathering.
  • Shout out to the Rotary Club of Ebensburg for their efforts to sponsor a Rotaract Club at Mount Aloysius College!
  • Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Smithfield on 75 years of service!  What a legacy!  
  • Rockwood Rotary Rocks! Such good people—Mike didn’t want to leave.

Around the District

Rockwood President George Hay shares a laugh during official DG visit.
DG Cherie with Blaze, California University of PA mascot during Homecoming Weekend.
Can you spot District Mascot Roty?  #Seewhathappenswhenyoumissaclubmeeting?  Special thanks to California Rotarian Ron Messick for loaning us the wheels!
Scottdale Rotary—Small but Mighty!
Ebensburg President Janet Smithbower shared the exciting things happening in Ebensburg with a so-sorry-I’m-late DG Cherie.
Rotary Club of Ebensburg—You inspire me!

Cherie' Sears

District Governor


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